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Baise by Darkness-Lune
Mature content
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello! I'm Jordan
Welcome to my DeviantArt page :D
I'm mostly a traditional artist cause I suck at using PaintTool or any other digital programs

I play Transformice as well, my name on there is Neonguygamer
I'm also on Tumblr
I run a Daily Pokemon blog now :^D occasional-shiny-zoroark.tumbl…

The Squad: :iconneon-wolfington: :icondarkness-lune: :iconakvaria:

My sister: :iconkatrinalovex:

Traditional Tools by LumiResources

My new Pokemon list! :D This is still a wip so xD

Jordan's Pokemon:
Rowlet by alolan-sprites Avem the Rowlet ♂
Feraligatr by CreepyJellyfish Gazania the Feraligatr ♀
Braixen by CreepyJellyfish Chama the Braixen ♂
Shiny Charizard by MidnightsShinies Azulon the Shiny Charizard ♂ + Mega stone X
Shiny Shiftry by MidnightsShinies Chestnut the Shiny Shiftry ♂
Shiny Tyrogue by MidnightsShinies Chuck the Shiny Tyrogue ♂
Zoroark Shiny by XandYsprites Eris the Shiny Zoroark ♂
Shiny Gallade by MidnightsShinies Mercury the Shiny Gallade ♂ +Mega stone
Chandelure (shiny) by XandYsprites Altair the Shiny Chandelure ♂
Shiny Gengar by MidnightsShinies Mixie the Shiny Gengar ♀ +Mega stone
Shiny Vaporeon by MidnightsShinies Riviere the Shiny Vaporeon ♂
Shiny Roserade by MidnightsShinies Briarthorn the Shiny Roserade ♂
Shiny Gyarados by MidnightsShinies Majesty the Shiny Gyarados ♂ + Mega stone
Shiny Lopunny by MidnightsShinies Castor the Shiny Lopunny ♂ +Mega stone
Venonat Shiny Sprite by SpritePokemon Tattletail the Shiny Venonat ♂
Mightyena by pokemon3dsprites Theseus the Mightyena ♂
Arcanine by pokemon3dsprites Ogon the Arcanine ♂
Houndoom (male) by pokemon3dsprites Cerberus the Houndoom ♀ +Mega stone
Machoke by pokemon3dsprites Sabrax the Machoke ♀
Jolteon by XandYsprites Damian the Jolteon ♂
Honchkrow by pokemon3dsprites Ieval the Honchkrow ♂
Toxicroak (male) by pokemon3dsprites Teno the Toxicroak ♂
Salamence by pokemon3dsprites Byeral the Salamence ♂
Mudsdale by alolan-sprites Daisy the Mudsdale ♀
Scizor by CreepyJellyfish Krylo the Scizor ♂ +Mega stone
Lycanroc - Midday Form by alolan-sprites Lucos the Lycanroc ♂
Accelgor by CreepyJellyfish Renzhe the Accelgor ♂
Seviper by pokemon3dsprites Zatruc the Seviper ♂
Bewear by alolan-sprites Isabelle the Bewear ♀
Nidoking by pokemon3dsprites Schakta the Nidoking ♂
Hawlucha by CreepyJellyfish Halcon the Hawlucha ♂
Pyroar by CreepyJellyfish Raja the Pyroar ♂
Persian by CreepyJellyfish Prince the Persian ♂
Cobalion by pokemon3dsprites Edmond the Cobalion ♂
Mewtwo by pokemon3dsprites Artemis the Mewtwo ♂ +Mega stone X
Shiny Articuno by MidnightsShinies Grace the Shiny Articuno ♀
Zapdos by pokemon3dsprites Electra the Zapdos ♀
Moltres by pokemon3dsprites Fiona the Moltres ♀
Rayquaza by pokemon3dsprites Ouranós the Rayquaza ♂
Tornadus by CreepyJellyfish Horus the Tornadus ♂
Shiny Shaymin-Sky by MidnightsShinies Sora the Shiny Shaymin ♂
Buzzwole by alolan-sprites Henrietta the Buzzwole ♀
Tapu Koko by alolan-sprites Tapu Koko ♂
Latios by pokemon3dsprites Volo the Latios ♂
Deoxys by pokemon3dsprites Sansho the Deoxys ♂
Cosmog by alolan-sprites Solis the Cosmog ?

Total: 46

Jangmi's Pokemon:
Shiny Raikou by MidnightsShinies Uloe the Shiny Raikou ♂
Shiny Hypno by MidnightsShinies Fluorite the Shiny Hypno ♀
Staraptor (male) by pokemon3dsprites Doju the Staraptor ♂
Sun Vivillon by pokemon3dsprites Nikko the Vivillon ♂
Espeon by pokemon3dsprites Kosmima the Espeon ♂
Dedenne by pokemon3dsprites Peach the Dedenne ♀
Shiny Ampharos by MidnightsShinies Ovelha the Shiny Ampharos ♀
Malamar by pokemon3dsprites Mystery the Malamar ♂
Alolan Raichu #026 by pokemon3dsprites Lampo the Alolan Raichu ♀

Total: 9


Happy Birthday by Bendy
This is posted late but i showed her it on the day of

anyways, Happy Birthday Akvaria Bendy dab 
and Happy Birthday to those bendy fans who's birthday is on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and/or 9th of August as well

BATIM: theMeatly Games©
artwork: Neon-Wolfington aka me
Jangmi the Rosy Maple Fairy
Welp since my friend Akvaria and my cousin Darkness-Lune have fairy ocs, why can't i?

Heres a little info about him

Bullet; Pink Name: Jangmi Danpung
Bullet; Yellow Age: Unknown
Bullet; Pink Gender: Male
Bullet; Yellow Species: Rosy Maple moth Fairy
Bullet; Pink Height: 5'2" or 1.58 meters (can switch to 5 inches)
Bullet; Yellow Eyes: Green
Bullet; Pink Hair: Blonde
Bullet; Yellow Sexuality: Gay
Bullet; Pink Status: Single
Bullet; Yellow Personality: Humorous, sassy, flirty, helpful, annoying, easily offended, cowardly, stubborn
Bullet; Pink Likes and dislikes: (idk yet i'll add this later)
Bullet; YellowExtras: (again will add later

Art: Darkness-Lune 
character belongs to me
Happy birthday to me Bonnie Gangnam Style lol (Chat Icon) 
oh shit my birthday is in 1 week from now
Eris the Zoroark (occasional-shiny-zoroark)
Probably should have posted this sooner :'V
yes this is Eris, my shiny Zoroark character for my daily pokemon blog occasional-shiny-zoroark.tumbl…

Zoroark: Pokemon(c)
character and artwork: me/occasional-shiny-zoroark on Tumblr


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